Friday, June 1, 2007

IRIS Corporation unveils new image

IRIS Corporation’s chairman, Tan Sri Razali Ismail, has unveiled the company’s new image, reflecting the broader market in which it now operates.
Speaking at the launch, Dato’ Tan Say Jim, co-founder and managing director of IRIS Corporation, said: “IRIS has now broadened its scope of activities to include emerging technologies in digital identity solutions, business solutions, farming solutions and environmental solutions…The key thing to note is that this is more about a new and more deliberate direction than just a new corporate logo and vision statement.”
Under the banner of ‘bringing solutions to life’, IRIS’ product portfolio includes environmental solutions such as the mobile incinerator, farming solutions such as Autopot systems, and business solutions such as systems integration, RFID asset warehousing, conference equipment, payment cards, payment systems and loyalty management. These are all in addition to the company’s smart national ID cards and ePassport products that continue to be its core business in digital identity solutions.
“Our vision at IRIS is to be an innovative Malaysian company, a global leader with enabling and interesting technologies that allows for the recognition and improvement of the quality of life of its customers and end-users,” added Dato’ Tan.

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