Monday, July 23, 2007

TTI and Exchangeit launch Version 2.5 of CardExchange ID Card Software

Newport Beach, CA. , July 23, 2007 TTI a leading biometric and identification system supplier and Exchangeit a proven ID Card Software Developer are proud to release the latest version of CardExchange, ID Card production software. CardExchange 2.5 is the latest version and adds tremendous performance improvement as well as interesting and powerful functionality.
With the new version you can use the database modules for MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 and MySQL to seamlessly connect to unlimited Database servers which allow the retrieval of information from several database servers to one card layout. In addition, Card Exchange 2.5 allows you to write back information to all those connected database servers.
CardExchange 2.5 also improves on the popular MiFare and HID iClass functionality. The Smart card modules enable OEM and Integrators to easily add read / write capability to their offerings.
“As a leader in ID Card Technology, TTI is excited to be offering a ID Card Software solution with such versatility and function. I have yet to see a product that simplifies database connection and smart card encoding as does CardExchange 2.5.,” said Chuck Weiglin, COO, TTI. “Exchangeit continues to develop and deliver state of the art ID Card Software with functionality that surpasses the competition.”
Due to the CardExchange architecture, licensees can integrate the technology into existing applications, allowing OEM’s and system integrators to add increased functionality to their product line. Future technology partners of TTI will find CardExchange reduces development time for enabling their applications to be connected to multiple database servers as well as smart card ready.

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