Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Woman caught with surgery to fool biometrics

A 27 year-old Chinese woman named Lin Ring has been arrested attempting to illegally gain entry into Japan following a deportation in 2007, according to an article from The Register. The attempt was made by having her fingerprints of her right hand surgically removed and switched with those of her left hand to fool the biometric collection the Japanese government performs on non-citizens entering Japan.

Reportedly, Lin was able to fool agents collecting data at the Kansai Airport last year utilizing another’s passport with her switched fingerprints. However, when entering into a suspicious marriage to a Japanese man, police investigation turned out scars on her fingers and thumbs which provoked a deeper investigation.

According to Lin, she paid 1.3 million Yen for the surgery that was performed in a private home in her home country of China. Lin, however, is not the only one to be caught by Japanese authorities having received a surgery altering their fingerprints to illegally gain entry into the country, Japan reports that eight others have been caught between January 2009 and October 2009 with the same or similar surgeries.

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