Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hospital Badge Buddys

Hospital and Medical Facilities Badge Accessories

Provides patients with instant role recognition of who is caring for them. Simply place the Badge Buddy behind your existing ID badge and clip into place with your lanyard or badge reel for immediate use!

* Choice of 3 different styles - choose from Doctor, LPN or RN

* Can be worn with any ID card - no need to change your existing badge

* Made with Teslin, the most durable card in the industry. 20 mil Polyester/Polyethylene laminate / 10 mil Teslin card

* Color coded with large print on both sides - provides instant recognition of the caregiver's role.

Ideal for hospitals & healthcare facilities! Ideal for hospitals and health care facilities badge programs. The Badge Buddies can also be customized by printing hospital codes, phone numbers or procedures

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