Saturday, November 13, 2010

C3000 Ribbon for Polaroid MiniPortrait Passport Camera is back

Exclusive media for the Polaroid Digital MiniPortrait Passport System. will begin offering the C3000 Ribbons for the Polaroid MiniPortrait Passport Camera in December 2010

Due to the high demand for this product we ask you Pre-Order.

Finished print is resistant to water, acetone and alcohol, while providing an image stability of at least ten years. Final prints can be laminated, embossed and ink stamped without degrading the image. Package includes one dye transfer ribbon ( good for 50 sheets) and two 25-sheet media packs. Compatible only with the Polaroid Digital MiniPortrait Passport System.  The Polaroid DMP camera and printer is used worldwide to produce a large volume of high resolution passport photos.

NOTE: We are expecting our container shipment of the product the second week of December, 2010. The C3000 Media is now in production and we will continue to produce to meet the demand.

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