Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Not All Badge Holders are the same

CardPrintersDirect.com has been supplying over 300 different badge holders to our government customers for some time now. Filtering through the massive collection can be quite daunting even though we break them down into sub categories. So we figured we would share what other government and military organizations are buying.

Secure Badge HolderFirst and foremost are the FIPS201 Secure Badge Holders : The 1840-5081 and 1840-5080 have been by far are most popular badge holders for government customers. Ever since the US government has released the HSPD-12 NIST Standard, FIPS 201, requiring that Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards, such as those issued through the GSA USAccess Program, be kept in a FIPS 201 compliant Electromagnetically Opaque Sleeve/Card Holder when not in use we have been shipping these on a daily basis.  These two FIPS201 compliant badge holders give our customers a choice between a Vinyl or Rigid Plastic ID holder that allows the user easy access to his cards for access control or log in. In addition these particular badge holders can be customized with the organizations or companies logo.

The second most popular government badge holder has been the Rigid Plastic Colored Series. The popularity is driven by US Military bases needing a rugged 2 card badge holder. Rigid Plastic Badge holders provide a great way to protect name badges or ID cards from bending or damage. In addition, the different colors allow security personnel to visibly detect different departments or ranks.  In addition, these rigid badge holders come in either horizontal or vertical display.  The combination of slot and chain holes allows the military institutions to choose a variety of ways to hand the badge holder, from basic bead chain, lanyards or badge reels.

In addition to the above badge holders we offer 100′s of other styles from low cost convention badge holders to vinylproximity card holders. With that said give us a call at 888-377-2548 and we will guide you through the process of choosing the correct holder for your specific type of ID card or Badge.

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