Wednesday, October 10, 2007

HID Responds to Staged Proximity Card Cloning

Posted from HID Corporate Website

An Open Letter to Our Customers:
HID Global stands behind its products and range of security solutions, including Prox. As a leading manufacturer in the access control industry, we take our responsibility to our customers and users very seriously.
While we acknowledge that it may be possible, under certain conditions, to clone some proximity cards, we believe access control systems that use Prox are secure when they are combined with proper procedures and policies, and where necessary, additional layers of security such as surveillance cameras, keypad readers and/or fingerprint readers, to name a few.
Further, organizations that understand risk management, understand that security systems do not rely solely on technology solutions. The human element is critical to security as well. To help prevent access cards from being read for nefarious purposes, HID Global recommends that you implement policies and procedures that:
Require immediate reporting of lost or stolen cards (so they can be deleted from the system)
Prohibit sharing or lending of cards
Encourage employees to shield their cards from public view when not at work (this makes sense from a privacy perspective as well if a name and picture are printed on the card)
Encourage reporting of suspicious activity at the facility
Discourage “tailgating” where one employee uses a card to gain access and others follow without using their own cards.
In addition to the procedures outlined above, you may also consider using RFID shielding products which offer an additional method to ensure the security and privacy of HID cards when they are not being used.
We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions and look forward to working with you on any concerns you may have.

Denis R. HĂ©bertPresident and CEO

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