Wednesday, October 10, 2007

TTI adds Mobile ID Software to ST4 Series of Handheld Mobile ID Devices

NEWPORT BEACH, CA., October 10, 2007- Trijay Technologies International Corporation (TTI) , a leader in providing mobile id verification solutions , today announced that its ST4 Series of Handheld Mobile ID Devices are now available with mobile identity verification and/or emergency mustering applications from UK-based Smart Media Innovations (SMI). By offering the SMI mobile ID software bundle, TTI extends the usage of the St4 series mobile devices and provides a cost effective manner for carrying out identity verification and emergency mustering while dramatically lowering implementation costs by eliminating the need for custom software development.

Opposed to simply doing a visual verification of an individual, a wireless solution can be used to read data from a credential, regardless of the types of cards or communication involved Real-time data can be compared to stored data to allow on-site security or management decisions to be made. Data can also be stored in the unit for later transfer to a primary database in a PC.

SMI’s mobile identity verification application enables data on smart cards, HID iCLASS cards, bar codes or other credentials decoded by the ST4 Handheld devices to be compared against an organization’s access control system or other core database to confirm the identity of the cardholder.

“The recent hardware and software demonstration in the HID CONNECT Booth at ASIS 2007 was well received and proved to both companies the need mobile identity and verification has arrived. The partnership will equip enterprises, government agencies and other organizations with the tools they need to perform biometric identity verification and authentication anywhere on their premises. Whether the existing system utilizes credentials to include HID iCLASS, MiFARE , or Contact Chip the combined solution will be able to read, write and verify the credentials.” Says Chuck Weiglin, Chief Operating Officer, Trijay Technologies International Corporation.

There are a variety of uses for mobile ID wireless solutions. Examples include:

· Mobile identification and verification
· Mustering and emergency evacuation
· First Responder programs
· Training records
· Transportation products
· Access to events

About TTI
TTI develops, manufactures and markets numerous Mobile and Handheld ID software, hardware, biometric devices. Our portable Mobile ID Hardware allows for Government Agencies, Systems Integrators and Access Control Companies to easily connect to existing ID systems for accurate ID verification and authentication. For more information visit

About SMI
Smart Media Innovations (SMI) markets both Hardware and Software that adds a mobile dimension to an access control system. Compatible with either iCLASS® 13.56 MHz or proximity based 125 kHz systems, the products enable a range of mobile functions to be performed. For more information visit

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