Friday, November 30, 2007

Datastrip Inc., a world-leading provider of field-proven mobile identification and verification technology, has launched its latest product innovation, the DSV2+TURBO handheld biometric terminal.Certified under the Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD-12), the DSV2+TURBO is designed for federal, state and local applications requiring on-the-spot ID verification.
The DSV2+TURBO processes an array of cards - including PIV, TWIC and CAC - by reading contact and contactless chips found on identification documents such as ID cards, passports, national ID cards, driver's licenses, credit cards and health care cards. The DSV2+TURBO's GSA FIPS 201-certified Cardholder Unique Identifier (CHUID) smart card capability enables the authentication of digital ID information. Its 508-dpi, GSA FIPS 201-certified fingerprint sensor provides AFIS-quality verification for instant biometric processing.

The DSV2+TURBO features a high-resolution, large-screen touchscreen display that is readable in both direct and low-light conditions; an extended-life battery for long shifts; barcode scanning; proximity and magnetic stripe card reading; and flexible communications options, including cellular, Wifi and Bluetooth. The field-tested device is housed in a light-weight, rugged terminal that is weather-resistant to wet/dry conditions (Ingress Protection rating 54) and drop-resistant to withstand freefalls (Military Standard 810F)."The world's security needs are evolving faster than ever before, and it's critical that technology keeps up," said Joe Delaney, Datastrip's vice president of sales and marketing. "The DSV2+TURBO is the only mobile GSA-approved device equipped to meet today's ID verification needs and help its users prepare for future security requirements. Its small size, 16-hour battery life and certified fingerprint image quality make it the ideal solution for the variety of applications that require on-the-spot ID verification."

ST4ex from TTI

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