Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Trijay's ST4EXLE verifies identify using multiple methods, including a camera

NEWPORT BEACH, CA., May 12, 2008- Trijay Technologies International Corporation (TTI) , a leader in providing mobile id verification solutions , today announced the release of a new Law Enforcement version of the popular ST4EX mobile biometric identification terminal. The Law Enforcement version ST4EXLE features a fully integrated optical fingerprint scanner digital camera with flash to enable evidence gathering, remote photo capture and the capturing and matching of fingerprint templates.

The ST4EX is the state of the art mobile terminal for the new generation of Chip-Based Identity cards. The unique design of the ST4EX caters for the most demanding field operating requirements with its rugged exterior and long battery life span.

The built-in Secure Access Module supports the use of digital keys for card schemes requiring high-security while the GSM/GPRS module provides mobility for high-speed data transfer and voice calls over mobile networks. With a TFT LCD panel, the ST4EX provides a user-friendly touch screen interface for multiple applications on a Win.CE platform

“We have managed to add more functionality to the already popular small and lightweight St4 handheld platform. The addition of a camera and optical scanner allows Law enforcement personnel to remotely enroll and verify both fingerprints and photos.”

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