Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pradonet USA to launch new web site

Pradonet USA is an endeavor which provides a total one-stop technology solution center. Industry trend has to a large extent shifted its focus from specialization of manufacturing activities to multi-capability research and development solution center. Being a one-stop technology solution center for companies requiring design, development, project management and manufacturing solutions, essentially means Pradonet Technology Pty Ltd's core competencies must be multi-avenue, effective, focused and cost efficient.

Pradonet USA breeds with a team of dedicated technical and management specialists but it has always been the passion for excellence that is the driving force for its innovation. From its ground level personnel to the Management Team, the passion is ever so evident.

Pradonet USA's niche is in the identity authentication solutions, enterprise mobile solutions and secure access automation. Our niche execution in these technologically thriving market segments demands continuous upgrade to its design and development capabilities. Our R&D laboratories are equipped with state-of-the art CAD software, testing and experimental equipment. Our team of top notch technologists and engineers are multi-disciplinary and are capable of designing and developing electronic end products which are practical and innovative.

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