Thursday, January 14, 2010

DMV begins issuing Advance Secure Issuance Licenses and ID Cards

As of this past Monday, Jan. 11, the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles in Carson City has begun issuing Advanced Secure Issuance (ASI) licenses and ID cards.

ASI is a new license or ID card marked with a gold star indicating it meets federal identification standards for boarding commercial aircraft and entering federal buildings where identification is required, and the DMV will also begin issuing those licenses and/or ID cards on Feb. 1 in Reno, and eventually statewide

Because the Department has met the first 18 bench marks of the federal Real ID Act, the licenses and ID cards Nevadans currently possess will be good for federal purposes for several years.

As a result, the Department recommends that motorists wait until their normal renewal date in the years ahead before applying for an ASI card.

The documents required to prove identity for an ASI card are the same documents Nevada already requires for first-time licensees and new residents. The difference is that DMV will be accepting only those documents it can electronically verify, and the only additional information required for an ASI card is utility bills or phone bills to prove residency.

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