Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Phthalates Free Badge Holders

PureClear™ vertical badge holder, clear EVA material with slot & chain holes.

PVC, BPA and Phthalates free. Perfect for Maternity and Children's Wards in Hospitals and Elementary Schools

These holders are superior in regards to health and environmental impact. PureClear™ is the ideal alternative to PVC. Max insert size: 4" x 3" (102 x 76mm). . Minimum Order 100 pieces.

More about Badge and ID Card Holders

Need Help finding a ID badge holder is right for your organization or needs? How you want you ID badge to be displayed and how often it needs be accessed or how much protection your card needs will determine the best choice of badge holder for your Identification Program.

We offer numerous types of Badge Holders to fite your needs from Clear Vinyl badge holders to easily display your ID Card to SkimSAFE badge holders protect your electromagnetically encoded information from theft or compromise.

We also offer reflective safety badge holders and Antimicrobial badge holders for people in food service or health care.

Have additional questions about ID badge holders? Contact our ID Badge Holder Solution Experts at (888) 412-6584 or chat online live with us now.

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