Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nexus Collections Survey Lists Conference Bags Leader of Promotional Goods for Events

7/1/2010 - In a recent survey undertaken by Nexus Collections, 23 percent of respondents identified Conference / Exhibition Bags to be the most effective branding opportunity available.

Nick Jones, Nexus Collections managing director, said, “Naturally we were overjoyed to see that conference bags, our primary product, are still considered the most effective by conference and exhibition organisers. When encouraged to provide more information, most individuals feel that it is the bag’s longevity that makes them such good branding opportunities – particularly on the higher quality bags, which you frequently see at subsequent events, meetings or even just used by individuals as everyday briefcases!”

Pens, notepads and lanyards were all popular as well, with around 10% of the vote each. Jones continues, “Like the conference bags, both the pens and notepads have longevity with many delegates taking them away and using them on into the future. I can also appreciate the popularity of lanyards as they are so visible at events, every delegate and member of the team sees not just their own, but the hundreds around them as well.”

Full results/Question: “Which branding opportunities do you find most effective at events?”
· Conference bags - 22.6%
· Badge Lanyards - 10.4%
· Advertising - 7.8%
· Conference Notepads - 11.5% · Pens - 12.6%
· Posters - 6.7%
· Sponsorship of Catering Events - 3.7%
· Sponsorship of Educational Sessions - 6.7%
· Sponsorship of Guide / Programme - 5.6%
· Sponsorship of Signage - 7.8%
· Other - 4.8%

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